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Patch: Send poster's IP address in comment notification e-mails if IP logging is enabled

Currently, it is possible for a poster to leave an abusive comment in someone's journal, then immediately delete the comment, making it impossible for the journal owner to track down the poster, even if IP logging is enabled. This patch adds a "X-Comment-Originated-From" field in the comment notifications e-mails LiveJournal sends out if the recipient is the original poster and IP logging is enabled. This will allow users and/or the abuse team to track these anonymous, abusive comments. Tested.

Get the patch here\

Update: Okay, I'm really tired. AFAIK, it's not possible for an anonymous user to delete a comment. However, someone could create a new account simply to leave abusive comments. The patch really addresses serious abuse issues (such as death threats, etc. where tracking down the actual user with their ISP is desirable).

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