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403 Forbidden errors setting up my own instance of lj code....

Wow, I feel like a newbie.

I pulled down CVS code this afternoon, and went to set up a mini version of livejournal for a little community site we run, and I'm having serious trouble getting it to stand up and pay attention.

I got the code blatted out into /usr/local/livejournal, installed and tweaked ljconfig.pl, installed the httpd.conf snippet and hacked it appropriately for path and site names, got all the db stuff done, created the system user. We're at the point where it should Just Work(tm).

Two things are wrong. My original plan was to have this code run at journals.hayseed.net so I set up the vhost appropriately and made the correct DNS addition, but the rewrite rules for LJ make that try to get /users/journals. I commented out four Rewrite(Cond|Rule) that seem to be the culprit for that, and then it stopped trying to do that.

But. Anything that I try to load under journals.hayseed.net gives me a 403 Forbidden error. I'm pretty Apache-savvy, so I've done simple sanity-checks like made sure all the files are readable / executable by the webserver, there's no 'deny from' issues, or the like. It's just silently 403-ing everything (well, it puts the 403 in the access_log but doesn't say anything more than that). The fastCGI processes are all running, etc etc.

What stupid little thing might I be doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

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