Hello Kitty, Destroyer of Worlds (rahaeli) wrote in lj_dev,
Hello Kitty, Destroyer of Worlds

Changing email address on comment emails

Currently, comment emails are sent out with an address of lj_dontreply@livejournal.com. We've been noticing a steadily-increasing volume of requests in support about people not getting comment emails, and another support volunteer tracked down the problem with her ISP -- the newest version of sendmail comes with "spam filters" enabled by default, and the "dontreply" in the to: field triggers those spam filters.

As more and more sites upgrade their versions of sendmail, we're going to see more and more of these requests. Rather than asking each of those users to contact their ISP and have the filtering turned off for LJ comment email, perhaps we could change the address that comment mail comes from?

I'd like to propose lj_comment@livejournal.com -- that doesn't trigger any of the spam heuristics I can test for, and to the best of my knowledge that shouldn't be all that difficult to set up on LJ's end. It also makes it fairly clear to the user that this is a "don't reply" account.

I can't write a patch for it, because it'd have to be done by someone with server access, but it'd be fairly simple to set up, and it would save tons of time for support.

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