Insomnia (insomnia) wrote in lj_dev,

journals on external sites... or "what if the site is down?"

I have a question that I could use a bit of developer help on...

I'm creating an external site where the weblog will be powered by LiveJournal. Hopefully, it will be a fairly high-profile site... an example of what LiveJournal can do. My big concern, however, is this... what if LiveJournal is either down or slow?

Technically, our future solution for this is supposed to be MyLJ, which would allow you to FTP to an external site when you make your posts. However, I was thinking that there might be an easier solution for the interim -- that of running a script on an external server that scrapes your journal content, saves it, then loads it, as needed.

Has anyone tried anything like this? If not, would anyone like to give it a shot?!

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