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Search patch

I've been thinking about how wonderful it'd be if I could search for Y! nicks and M$N addresses for while, like one can search for ICQ and AIM users... so... I just wrote a small patch to do it...
Test it here:
Patch here:
(thanks to supersat for hosting it :))
If someone has any arguments against having it committed (or can think of a better wording than 'Y! Nick' ('Yahoo! SN'?), 'MSN Address', and 'Jabber Address') please let me know... I'll send it to Brad if there's no complains or bugs... :P

Oh, yeah... and I added Jabber while I was at it... :)

Update: It's now 'Yahoo! ID', 'MSN Username', and 'Jabber', to comply/stay consistent with what is asked for/shown at the userinfo-page.

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