Martin Atkins (mart) wrote in lj_dev,
Martin Atkins

PATCH: Make random.bml completely different

I only have one user in my randomuserset, so you'll never get anything other than 'mart'. I know it works properly because I had another account in there for a while before I actually generated my randomuserset properly.

Also, the link to view the journal associated with an account won't work on my goathack site because I don't have the users process running. That's quite deliberate, and it will work on

The text at the top is included from an include file, which someone will need to be given privs to edit in order to set a decent message for When doing this, make sure to include a question mark at the end of the URL to random.bml since this seems to get around browsers caching the old output and not loading a new user.

I didn't do community-only random because I'm not sure that the journaltype field is indexed and thus it would probably be a shitty query. In fact, it's probably already a shitty query, and may need to be broken down into two queries so that it doesn't have to go through thousands of user records. Someone who knows about this stuff should tell me if it sucks, or something.


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