Jessica (jojobear99) wrote in lj_dev,

Off Topic Posts?

I'm not really sure who is in charge of this community, but I notice frequent posts by newbies are completely off topic and get loads of "this belongs in support" comments.... In other lj communities like lj_art they handle this partly by having a detailed list of what the community is and is not for, along with useful links, support in particular. I'd really like to see this community follow their lead and make it more clear to everyone what this community is for. Who is in charge of keeping this community's info updated?

I also noticed when I went to the lj_dev page, I couldn't even find the link to the community description. Perhaps it's there and i'm overlooking it, but making this more prominent would be nice. Particularly if you want people to know what the community is about before posting.... =)

Any thoughts? (well, aside from all the related comments on this thread about why people come here before support...)

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