Nikolai Blah (nslu) wrote in lj_dev,
Nikolai Blah

patch: adding target in links to comment in emails

currently, when you receive email saying that somebody replied to your post/comment, it has link to comment, which looks like and you have to scroll through comments to find particular one, which may be collapsed, if threading mode is on.
patch makes link look like
which is the same link 'you can view it here' you get when you post your comment.
also, patch is essential for implementation of my email-gate project.

upd: avva pointed that 'view=' method does not respect page breaks for long discussions; updated patch using 'thread=' is here

upd: i decided to leave link in html part as it is, because link's text isn't appropriate for liking to thread and i am not sure how to rephrase it.
i've only modified link that goes to text-only part of email.

please apply.

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