Life is a Highway (highway) wrote in lj_dev,
Life is a Highway

Patches to see_request.bml v1.20 and v1.19

Let's try this one more (re: & ... made additional modifications to the patch so that it's cleaner than before (and some recommendationed changes to patch from bradfitz).

I would like to request the following patch be applied to /support/see_request.bml so that support volunteers can see additional information with regards to the status of the request: For example:

Status: open (still waiting for approved answers) --> no answer submitted
Status: open (answered, but still needs help) --> answered but user needs more help (similar to help.bml)
Status: open (answered, awaiting closure) --> answer submitted.

You can find the diff at (example of answered request) (example of non-answered request)

This will work with the additional patch to /cgi-bin/ where the verbiage will be stored instead of clogging see_request.bml. /support/see_request.bml calls a function in, which returns a hash, a hash that contains the needed verbiage which is appended to $state in /support/see_request.bml

You can find the diff at

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