Nikolai Blah (nslu) wrote in lj_dev,
Nikolai Blah

mail-only interface to livejournal

currently there is feature when you can post comments from forms embedded to html mail, which is quite absurd and still requires internet connection at the time of post.

posting replies by simply replying to mail from LJ:
To implement this, mail sent from LJ should be have Replyto: lj-<commentid>; when user replies to , postfix grabs such emails and passes them to script, which will add comment.
Problem: authentification, solution: using one-time authentification codes, eg, Replyto: lj-<commentid>-<authcodeid>
NB, this emails should contain References: field for email clients, which support threading.

posting journal entries: user sends email to some defined address and specifies username/password in some defined format. don't tell me about security, because in current http auth everything goes in plain text too.

reading friends: simple, get friends posts by email.

see how much I care about uucp users?

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