Martin Atkins (mart) wrote in lj_dev,
Martin Atkins

Test My Modifications

I've been meaning to do this for a very long time, but I was scared. My fear was not unwarranted, as the changes I've made to the dystopia BML scheme have taken the best part of three hours and have given me possibly the largest headache I've ever had (even if that can be attributed to this lame old 14" Microvitec monitor I'm stuck with while I'm at home)

My aims when improving the dystopia scheme were firstly to make the HTML less difficult to parse both for humans and browsers, and secondly to increase cross-browser uniformity among today's popular browsers.

This has inevitably made the Netscape 4 rendering a little weird, but I was quite proud of myself for reducing the Netscape 4 oddity to a mere spare space above the login box and some unbold links on the front page. I've tested it in Opera 6, Internet Explorer 6, Navigator 4 and Mozilla 0.9.9 on Windows, and was pleased to find I even fixed a few little Opera rendering quirks accidentally.

I don't have a Mac to test the other popular platform's browsers, however. Could someone take a look at my version and note anything weird in browsers I've not tested already? It's still mostly crap HTML so it should still render pretty much the same. My level of caring is such that I want it to look "right" on any browser which is the current version of itself, and I want it to be "bearable" or "readable" on older browsers, where "readable" gets more important than "bearable" as version age increases. I also consider browsers which don't know what a div is too old or dumb to care about, so don't bother shoving it into some ancient version of lynx or Mosaic and telling me that some of the stuff runs together.

Hopefully this will be a good first step to making LiveJournal's HTML output less sucky! The next task I have on my todo list is to redo the output of talkread so that it doesn't output quirky HTML.

MySQL isn't running on my goathack account to save RAM, so nothing which uses the database will work right.


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