Professor Horatio Hufnagel (ex_22dip922) wrote in lj_dev,
Professor Horatio Hufnagel

Filtering Language

When I was in high school, they installed a software package that when you went to a web site or something, certain words would be replaced with "****" (if you opened up work and typed fuc, the second you typed k, it would be replaced with "****")

The member can set a preference in his or her profile to "filter offensive words" and when they are logged in and visit a journal, certain words would be replaced with "****" or something

I was at the library and sat down at a computer. I decided to update my journal and when I went to view the entry after I posted it, i could not load the page, because in a couple of of my journals, i used certain words to describe my feelings about my job. Blocking pages from loading is extreme, but I am sure many other libraries, schools and I would even bet a few companies do this as well. Perhaps this feature would make LJ more accessible?

Just a thought

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