Evan Martin (evan) wrote in lj_dev,
Evan Martin

late night lonliness

Poll results patch. Minor grammar nitpick, do the sorting on the web machine instead of the database (the only DB-related line I changed), and display the poll results in a more sane manner.

To see the major effect of this patch,
go to
to see some polls, then pick "view answers".
Now you can see who voted for a given answer.
(If you want to play with it, users "testa", "testb", and "testc" all have password "test".)

From the patch:
        # text questions are like this:
        #   user1, user2 -- someanswer
        # and the rest are like:
        #   someanswer
        #     user1
        #     user2

(This also means a user may appear more than once under different answers if they picked more than one checkbox.)

Diff here:

Please help find bugs before I bother Brad with it. :)

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