Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick

What I'm working on....

Here are the current things I'm working on:

BML profiling, rewrite, cleanup --- I've been doing a bunch of profiling on BML and found some really slow parts. This was basically my first Perl project and its core hasn't been touched in years. I've kept adding crap onto it, but the parser sucks. I'm rewriting it now ... simple project, but necessary. In the process I'm documenting everything, then I'll make an official release. (Whitaker--- don't wet yourself)

ProFTPd + MySQL Auth --- setting up ProFTPd so people can upload clients and stuff to certain areas without having user accounts on the server. (anything that prevents me having to do stuff for people is good .... I hate getting email)

Test Server --- finishing setting up my test server. I have everything on there, but I have to get it all running and playing nice together.

Then, once all that's done, I intend to work on the new style system. I've been working on ideas lately, but no code's been written. :-/

I'm getting sick of people mailing me with large fluffy future project ideas with no implementation plan whatsoever.

Does somebody want to work on the ProFTPd thing for me? I've been tinkering with it, and it looks easy enough, but I haven't written the .conf file yet that uses MySQL..... Here's what I need, if anybody wants to do it for me:
  • ./configure line that includes building the MySQL PAM modules
  • the CREATE TABLE code, with one insert statement for a sample user
  • the .conf file with the following properties:
    • each user is in a chroot jail at /usr/devftp/username
    • standalone server (no inetd)
    • no real users can log in (only authenticate against MySQL table .... say, "devftp")

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