Sherm (purpig) wrote in lj_dev,

Hi all!

Hi gang... So, is there any need for an ASP programmer? I also use SOME java (not like it's hard to learn.. sheesh) and I do some SQL stuff as well. I also know graphic design, but I'm more of a programmer than a layout person.

I also have an idea for LJ. Making it so that a user can set their journal to be read by only users with accounts, and the ability to create an ignore list that would affect the entire journal. For instance, there's person X who I do not want to have read my journal. So, how would I prevent this? I could make all my entries Friends or Private, but then no one else could read them, either. So, add person X to an ignore list so that way s/he couldn't read the journal. And also have the ability to prevent anon (unlogged in) users to read the journal, since then person X would only have to end their Session to get access to the journal. I see something is similar is done with comments, so I'm figuring it shouldn't be too hard to impliment with the actual entries.



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