Joe Wreschnig (piman) wrote in lj_dev,
Joe Wreschnig

CVS, central storage, etc

Okay, LJ used to just be 3 or 4 clients. But since the new protocol stuff, more operating systems supported, more platforms supported, etc. (I see new 9 projects on the lastn page here with ideas for a lot more), is it time to get a central place for development? I personally like the idea of having a "LiveJournal CVS server", with all the clients, protocol documentation, and released server code. Likewise, I see client web pages spread across a lot of different servers, and as more code is released, this will get even more complicated to maintain.

So does the idea of a "LiveJournal Code" page and CVS server appeal to anyone else? Could LJ run this itself (on the new server, maybe), or would it be better done by someone else? (SourceForge being the obvious place, since I bet a lot of people here already have SF accounts). It might also be a little bit more publicity if we have a single point of development.

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