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About directorysearch.bml

First off I would like to say Brad and the other developers working on the directory
kick ass. :)
Secondly I did note a minor issue

Issue: If user enters criteria in like noted in this URL
They get users from all over the United states. Why you might ask, cause they weren't thinking and didn't enter a country in the drop down.
Fix: Making / or informing users that if they enter a state they need to select a country
Possible code fixes: Please be aware I would have created a CVS diff, but I really don't use linux and I don't know my perl as well as you guys do. I am not putting a great importance on this but from a support stand point it might avoid support issues.
filename: directory.bml

unless (LJ::check_priv($dbs, $remote, "betatest", "directory") ||
LJ::get_cap($remote, "directory"))
return "Sorry, your account type doesn't permit usage of the directory.";
+ if($FORM{'loc_cn'} eq "" && ($FORM{'loc_st'} || $FORM{loc_ci})) {
+ return "(=H1 Error H1=)(=P You selected a State / City, but didn't select a country! P=)";

unless (LJ::Dir::do_search($dbr, $dbdir, \%FORM, \@matches, \%info)) {
return "(=H1 Error H1=)(=P Error: $info{'errmsg'} P=)";

As I stated before I might be way off on this I'm not that good with perl, plus its a minor thing, Just figured since there wasn't anywhere that stated you needed to enter a country in directorysearch.bml and when you enter other criteria in plus a state then you start clicking on images you find out they aren't from the state you entered you kinda get confused. Thanks for anyone who looks into this.

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