Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick

renaming users


In addition to everything we've discussed regarding username renames, consider also the following:

We don't want URLs to break, and since they now contain usernames, do this:

User "old (1)" wants to be become "new". User registers "new (2)", with same password and email address. User pays $10 change fee. Log to renames table (or whatever) the plan, and that its status is "pending". Nightly at 3am, do 'em all, then ljrpc sighup. Log to statushistory table for both users what happened.

New "old (1)" is "new (1)" and "new (2)" is "old (2)". But then we also want to set old's user.statusvis to be "R" (renamed) and set to be "new".

Now whenever we encounter $u->{'statusvis'} eq "R", we can just look at $u->{'name'} to see where we have to redirect to. Make userinfo/users/talkread all HTTP redirect.

Sound good?

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