Lee Vaughn (yngmanch) wrote in lj_dev,
Lee Vaughn

Live Journal Backup Utility

Hey guys, I've been a live journal user for a two whole years now, and even paid for 'em both! Wow!

Anyhow, I'm also a budding young programmer who is in the middle of developing a LJ Backup Utility called Roylee Backup... I'm not exactly sure who I'm supposed to clear this with, but I've been basing a lot of my code on what's been posted already in the various developer's journals.

I just thought I'd make my introductions, say hi and hello there, and see if anyone has any cute suggestions that they'd like to see... I've created a journal for the development at roylee_backup but I haven't posted anything there yet cause I'm not exactly sure WHAT I should...

but like I said, I've written lots of code, libraries and dialogs... just a matter of sitting down and getting my to-do list done (right Brad?)

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