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Question for S2 people

Would any developer who has done work on S2 be interested in moderating a community specifically for S2 questions/answers? I posted in lj_style asking about where I could find information on S2 and so far, not much has been dug up. I've looked at the documentation, which confused me slightly (programming isn't exactly my strong point) but there just doesn't seem to be very much S2 info out there at all.

I know *I* have questions, I know a few other people have questions, and as it nears completion (I do follow this journal and have seen the posts about "all that is left to do is port the system styles to s2", so I'm assuming S2 is imminent) I'm sure more people will also have questions.

So. Anyone interested in this? I haven't even created a community yet because I figure it's pointless if nobody official wants to moderate it/thinks there's a demand for it..

Thanks for reading this ^^

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