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Edit/Create Style Pages

Hi. Let me quickly introduce myself since I'm a new member and that. I'm Scott Freeman and I like to think I'm pretty good with creating LiveJournal Styles that people can use on their Journals. I have created the "Tabular Indent" style, and have a few more up my sleeve.

Anyway, I have got an idea for the edit/create style pages.

I have developed a whole load of styles (about 4 so far), a few one-page-only styles, and have another one on the go. That is 19 items in total, and the dialogue list only shows 10 at a time, and messily so.

My idea is to have four dialogue lists side-by-side (or in a 2x2 formation?), each one showing just last_n, day, calendar and friend views. That way, all the last_n pages will be grouped, making it easier to select and edit styles.

Also, I wonder if it's possible to alter the size of the text boxes on the fly? That is, the user can choose a combo box option before clicking on the "proceed" button to decide if the boxes will be small, medium, large or king-size. Some projects I am working on are very simple and will only need small boxes, but others need large (or king-size).

Could the %%userpic%% for the last_n also represent the current picture for that %%event%%, as the friends page already does? Also, there doesn't seem to be a %%userpic%% on the friends, day and calendar pages, so you can't put the owners default picture at the top of the page as you can on last_n.

Also, there's no link to "create style" on the sidebar, one has to go to "edit style", and follow the link from there. Just a minor whinge that isn't too important.

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