Martin Atkins (mart) wrote in lj_dev,
Martin Atkins

Silly Toy

Since we have a patch freeze and I was really in the mood for a bit of perl hackin', egged on by halkeye's mention of the protocol in question earlier, I made a gopher server for LiveJournal. I don't know how long the program will manage to stay running, and I'm using a port I'm not really supposed to be using, but it's there anyway...

I'm aware of the following three issues:

  • It's based on, so the socket handling sucks as much as it does for that. (This is why I think it'll crash while I'm shopping ;)
  • I've not written the 'search' feature yet. It's not really search as such, it's just there to save returning a large directory of every user on the server.
  • There's a bug with the entry output I've not tracked down yet. It seems to miss off the end of some entries for no apparent reason.

There's not a lot on my goathack to look at, unfortunately. Feel free to steal out of my home directory and put it on your account if you want... I'll come back and finish it later.


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