Kevin M. Brooks (lucretio) wrote in lj_dev,
Kevin M. Brooks

PATCH: add security icons to talk*.bml (Take 2)

Suggestion: (here)

What it does: This patch adds the function show_security_icon to The function is given a security setting ("private" or "usemask") and outputs the HTML to display the security icon. The patch modifies talkpost.bml and talkread.bml to use the show_security_icon function in front of the subject line.

Test it (log in using user=test pass=test):
talkpost.bml: (protected) (private) (no subject) (public, no subject)
talkread.bml: (protected) (private) (no subject) (public, no subject)

Patch: (here)

(Update: I made a minor edit. Now the icon is on its own line if there is no subject.)

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