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Client Update Notification?

I was thinking that it might be interesting to notify users when a newer version of the client they use most becomes available. This could fall under the "Send me LiveJournal News" opt-out that people set up when they first logged in or a new opt-out (we can use the existing one as a guideline).

The only reason that I mention this is that I see alot of users still using the various older versions of the BeOS client (as seen in stats.bml), and I was thinking that they simply don't know that I have released a few updates since I took over for Simon.

5 On a side note, can whoever is maintaining the "Download a Client" page either add my "AliveJournal" client for BeOS to that list, or replace the existing entry for BeOS with it (since Simon's client doesn't work anymore as it is). There is also a changelog available.

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