Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Trust system

Now that I've mentioned the trust system a lot recently, there's been a fair amount of confusion and misinformation flying around, which I'm now going to try and quell:
  • users would list which people they really trust as being good people. (i.e., not assholes). you'd only do this if you're sure. if you just met somebody and they had a few neat posts or pretty pictures they posted, you shouldn't trust them. trust your closest friends ... or at least the polite ones. there are a number of people on my friends list I read and communicate with, but I wouldn't vouch for as being respectable netizens.
  • certifications (trust edges) would be private, as to not encourage false trust by pressure. (your pseudo-asshole friend bugging you until you mark them as trusted)
  • your public trust level is either "Trusted" or "Not yet trusted", not a numeric value. It's not a game. And the assumption is that everybody is a good person, and those that aren't soon will be, once they get some certs. It's important to choose the right wording. You can imagine some bad examples we won't use.
  • there will be no negative certifications.
  • How will this info be used? You'll have options like: "Who can comment?" Everybody, Registered users, Friends, or Trusted users? There will not be options like "trusted people of people I trust". That's too computationally intensive.
  • somebody mentioned they thought the advogato algorithm wasn't deterministic. i believe it is, but i'm not an expert at this stuff.
Now, go spread this information and not hysteria.

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