Fiddle Dragon (fiddle_dragon) wrote in lj_dev,
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ah HAH! I've finally figured it out....(and bug?)

Oh thank you FAQ - this is the first time I've posted to *any* community let alone here, so quick intro (per community info page)...

I'm currently a Notes Developer doing Java, javascript, HTML, XML, CSS, C++ - you name it - I'm the new technology person here (where I work). Soooo...ever looking to help out - I've been watching this community for a little while, just haven't found something I think I can contribute with yet...but I did find a bug (hidden feature?) today - ie., if you point a link at a filtered friends list, it only works if you're actually logged in as that person - is this a "feature" or is this by design. Ie., can filters be set to be publically viewable and I'm just missing it?

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