Curtis (cjkline83) wrote in lj_dev,


Hey guys, what's up? I spent most of yesterday designing my first livejournal style for the FRIEND'S View page.

I hope you'll try it out and let me know what you think. *NOTE* only paid users can do this.

Step One: Click HERE to go to the create your own style page
Step Two: Click the "Friends View" choice and enter 59271 for the non-system style ID (this is my style I created)
Step Three: Click the CREATE button. you will get a page confirming you have created a style.
Step Four: Click HERE to modify the appearance of your journal. Click the proceed button.
Step Five: Scroll down to where it says FRIENDS VIEW (in a drop down list) select at the very bottom the style you created... it should be something like yourusername-friends-new.

Optional step: While still on this page, it might be good if you pick different color scheme for your journal. if you like it the way things look as they are, skip this step. The colors I have set up for my friends view are:

Final Step: Scroll down and click SAVE CHANGES.

Then go to your friends page and see how it looks!
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