Jim Reverend (revjim) wrote in lj_dev,
Jim Reverend


Since Journals have been clustered, the itemids representing each entry have be changed. This means that the "backups" people may have been making of their journals now have incorrect itemids associated with the older entries. This means that clients should resync ALL their entries. It would be REAL nice if the syncitems mode would FORCE clients to do this by telling the clients that ALL the users old entries have been deleted and that that there are MANY new entries to sync on the next run. Since this is A LOT of work on the server side to code and it effects so few users, it may not be worth the time. So... in that case, it would be best for users of "syncitems" to delete their entry stores, and resync everything again. If they, in the future, should they edit or delete an entry that was synced before clustering, resyncing will cause the client to create a second entry with the modifications, instead of altering the original, or, in the case of a delete, the entry will not actually be deleted.

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