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Potential bugs involving Auto-format?

I'm not sure if there are any real bugs involved here or not; it could just be some odd result of the new code that will correct itself when everyone's clustered; but the past couple of days, some odd things have been happening when I've tried to post entries with the 'Don't auto-format' option enabled.

I tend to post a lot of pre-formatted material—HTML tables, lists, etc.—so I generally turn off the auto-formatting a good bit. But yesterday, I posted an entry containing an HTML table from the MFC client (the latest version), with auto-formatting disabled, and when I checked it, the post had been auto-formatted anyway (i.e. ugly gaps). I went in several times, using both the MFC client and the web interface, to edit the entry, and the 'Don't auto-format' box was still checked. Each time after I saved it, the entry was still auto-formatted.

But when I went in to edit the entry, unchecked the box, saved it, and then again edited the entry, rechecking the box, it finally worked, and the auto-formatting laid off. It happened that way yesterday when I was using the MFC client, and then again today, when I was using solely the web interface.

Also, something related to this that's been annoying me for some time—when I turn off auto-formatting on a post, and someone comments on it, in the resulting notification e-mail that I receive, the original post has been formatted anyway (with all of the ugly gaps that don't appear in the post itself, since auto-formatting is turned off). I've briefly looked at the code for posting comments, but I didn't see right off what was causing this. The formatting routine supposedly checks if the original post was not to be formatted, but apparently, it does it anyway.

I hope I'm not wasting anybody's time.

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