Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick

S1 & Clustering

We're now moving users to clusters 1 & 2 automatically. Cluster 3 won't be setup until load's down on "cluster 0" enough to steal two servers from it.

Now that we're moving tons of people to clusters, more and more S1 issues are going to come up.

The problem is styles that do unsupported things like linking to editjournal.bml, memadd.bml, etc, etc...

So basically, we need to make some new info available in S1 so people can fix their links.

Somebody come up with a good proposal and post it here. I'm thinking something along the lines of %%itemargs%% which is either "journal=foo&itemid=3535" or "itemid=23434".

Along with avva's patch to make editjournal.bml take an itemid*256+anum, the above should work.

But somebody think it all out.

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