Sapphire Cat (sapphirecat) wrote in lj_dev,
Sapphire Cat

Docs and such

Some things that could be explained better in the LJ documentation:

  1. Length limits, part I: Does the server return FAIL or silently truncate if a subject is over the 255 character limit?
  2. Length limits, part II: Looking at the logprop table in the database schema suggests that all the metadata is limited to 255 characters. If this is correct, it is undocumented in the mode list. (Actually, postevent mode doesn't say much about metadata at all except for referencing a "properties" page... does that exist? I haven't seen it.)
  3. Length limits, part III: If the mood and music are limited to 255 characters in the database, why does the Web client limit them to 30 and 40 characters, respectively?
  4. Should there be a better way to get a client onto the download page than saying "Hey evan..."? Maybe some sort of cool-looking client submission form, with fields for title, web address, description, maintainer, etc.?
  5. How is one supposed to officially find goathack? I didn't see anything on /, /code, or /developer.

Is the server documentation any better than the client docs?


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