Consequences (sameer) wrote in lj_dev,


hi all, my name is Sameer, and I just joined the lj_dev community. At this point, all I am doing is developing a cross platform livejournal client, meaning that the same client should run on Windows, Linux, and very soon, Mac as well. I started developing the client at the beginning of this month, so it's still in early stages of development. Right now, the only supported features are: logging in and out, and posting entries (public, friends only, and private). The entries can be posted online or offline. The offline entries are automatically posted once you are online. To post your offline entries, simply select Merge under the File menu item. Right now, I am working on the project on a win2k machine so I have only tested the win2k installation. In addition, the app is written in python, and has a wxpython gui. For now, you will need both of those programs installed on your machine for my client to work. Once I have a sufficently feature rich client, I will make an executable (.exe file), in which case, you will not need to install python and wxpython. Click here to download the latest release of my livejournal client.

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