Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Current Focus -- still.

I've applied a ton of patches this morning & afternoon, but I really don't want to be working that. Patches are never perfect, so I end up cleaning them all. Normally I don't care at all, but lately I'm focusing on cluster work.

So in the meantime, expend your energy on rigourosly testing the new code in CVS. Make a user... move that user to a cluster... test everything using that clustered user. If anything is unclear, submit a documentation patch. If anything is broken, point it out, and/or fix it.

I'm loving the flood of patches lately, but until cluster stuff is live, the only patches I'll take or even look at are those related to clustering.

BTW, xb95 in addition to a bunch of other stuff last night updated the clustering docs:
See revision 2 stuff.

I'll also happily take LJFUNC patches for ljlib. Every function should optionally have a new field in its LJFUNC area also: "funcclass" which can be one of, say: "db" (for DB connection related things), "text", (for text processing/escaping), etc, etc... anything undefined will be lumped together. But in the docs Opi's generating, it'd be nice to group functions by their type, next to similar functions.

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