Gavin (halkeye) wrote in lj_dev,

ban_email console command

Gots alot of patches tonight (some better then others)

First off.. console command to ban users...
Again, i'd suggest people focus on checking my english and word usage.
And my tables creation. I don't often create tables, so there are probably some tweaks that should be done that i do not know of.

This patch edits numerious files, so i just included it as one file..

As brad & co requested, this patch adds a console command to ban emails from support. So people can not spam up catagories..

I have tested all but the bit, i have no idea how to interface with this... but the same code works in the submit.bml, so i figure it does..

Patch can be found here

Found one so far.. the statushistory thing.
With the userid of 0. they don't seem to show up in the statushistory page. Not quite sure at this point as how to deal with it, as i've just recently learned/remembered it was there.

Update: Forgot to mention that this can be tested using the test account here

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