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Show the people that list you as a friend, you also list (update)


I'd like to present this edit_do.bml diff to the group....

It alters your friends page to show which, amongst those people that list you a friend, you also list as a friend.

An example

John Doe and Fred both list Alister as a friend.
Alister has John Doe listed.
User           Name          is friend?
John Doe       John Q. Doe   yes
Fred           Fred Bloggs   no

You know that you could add Fred as a mutual friend, and there's no need to compare the is friend/your friend list..

Potential extentions:
Graphics - ticks and crosses for yes/no
Hyperlink to add username to list of friends (or javascript to insert name in 'Add Friends' at bottom of that page)

Downside: I have not got a live-running local test system, just the CVS - so this is untested. The change isn't rocket-science though, just re-ordered the database search (to collect the who-are-your-friends info) and put another column out, based on that.

Update: The diff above has been verified as working OK, and completes the basic functionality. I can get a test server together to add further to it, or leave as it is (working fine) for now. Your comments appreciated.

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