the original young aboriginal (teedz) wrote in lj_dev,
the original young aboriginal

Is this a known bug?

[Note: I'm using mozilla on linux, I haven't yet tested it in Netscape]

1. Create a new journal, while logged in as your current account.
2. Verify this journal via the email URL
3. Go to the user menu and Click "Your Settings | Personal Info"
4. At the confirmation screen, rather than hitting "Proceed", select "click here"
5. Login as new account.
6. In the Edit Personal Info page; Note that all information displayed is for new account; Go down to "Your Picture".
7. Click "Go here" to add/create a new one.
8. On the Upload Picture page, submit an image From File; Click "Proceed".

Expected Result: 'Upload Picture' page gives the name of the new account (the one you are editing) in the 'Username' dropbox; Image can be uploaded for new account.

Current Result: Your original (main) username[s] appear in the 'Username' dropbox. Furthermore, uploading an image using the preselected (main) username is not challenged -- image is uploaded to original account, rather than new LJ account.

I dunno if this is a downright bug, or "the way things work", but it's certainly misleading.

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