Gavin (halkeye) wrote in lj_dev,

3 patches

Update: Stupid web server is not letting me post files.. working on it asap
Update 2: all fixed.. now.. sorry

as per this suggestion of leora i created a quick and easy console command for abuse members to find out who is running a community..

I assumed that abuse members would have the 'finduser' priv as its a simular command
but it could easily be changed for a new priv

the patches are here: - Refrence Sheet - findcomm command

fixed up my patch for the polls...
This does work (better).. sorry for the mixup eralier..
This will prevent people who are banned by the community and/or user to not participate in a poll..

It probably should be checked to see if comments are maintained in the same way (to prevent soemone going to a communit to bug soemone)

Lastly.. A patch sumbitted just before the mailing list died
this will combine the modify.bml and modify_do.bml and also use the new auth fields..
this will prevent the need to login as a community.


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