Anti-Blank (antisocial) wrote in lj_dev,

Questions and Ponders

Okay I've never seen this mentioned (doesn't mean I'm correct) but still:
I wanted to know of this was a possible feature for the site, cause I know I'd find it useful.

When you are logged in and you view a person's info page you get to see all the interests you hold in common bolded. So what I'd like to know is if there is a way to also so that to the friends listing below the interests.
For example when I get a comment by someone that I don't already know, I generally view their info page, see what interests we share and then hunt through their friends listing to try to see who me may share in common. Pretty much just out of curiosity to find out why this stranger is at my journal.
So basically I'm just wondering if it is a possible feature, I'm sure if I would find it useful plenty of other people should.

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