jna (netik) wrote in lj_dev,

File Attachments Patch

I wanted to post this awhile back (about two months ago) but I had a ton of personal shit and trying-to-get-reemployed crap to do deal with.

Anyhow, here it is. As far as I know there are few bugs, but the only missing feature I know of is the ability to restrict file sizes in uploads. Basically, I'm missing a " if (capability_canupdatefile < size of uploaded fiile { abort }" somewhere.

You also can't attach comments to files yet.

read the file README.FILE.ATTACHMENTS that is part of this patch for more details. This patch is against a CVS checkout of the current source tree on 12-25-01 at 12:15AM.

Fuck Santa, I'm coding.

Patch at:

Demos at:
http://lj.retina.net (see system account's journal)

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