Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Revive the dead server

Live near Seattle? Know hardware? Know Debian? Bored?

Revive the dead LJ server!

All our 1U machines have come from ASL except two which we bought kinda as an experiment to try out another vendor. Anyway, they suck. They've given us nothing but trouble. Now one of them died and we can't recover it.

Problems include:
-- disks in the RAID array magically go offline & online
-- floppy drive doesn't work (even after we gave it power!)
-- need a linux kernel with dac960 compiled statically to install onto RAID
-- debian compact kernel has that, but only on floppies, not CD (see above)

But even if we got an operating installed, it'd just all die again once the drives decided they'd randomly change who was online. (sometimes you boot it up and drive 1 is offline... sometimes drives 0 and 2 are offline...)

We're just sick of this machine and will probably go Office-Space on it pretty soon here. If you think you can fix it and have qualifications, it's all yours to tinker with. If you get it working, not only will you feel happy that you've helped the poor users on the free servers (it's one of their db servers), but you'll also get a free Red Robin dinner!

Disclaimer: You must drive to my house and pick it up. I refuse to put more effort into this bitch. It's already wasted more hours of mine than I'd like to count.

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