Jim Reverend (revjim) wrote in lj_dev,
Jim Reverend

more syncitems problems...

While performing more tests on syncitems's odd behavior I have found something VERY interesting. It appears that the syncitems call and the call to getevents with a "selecttype" of "lastsync" returns different items.

In order to test, I used the "test" user account. I requested syncitems with no time sent, and LJ returned the first 500 items. I then requested getevents, again with no time sent, and LJ returned 300 items. Then I compared the two arrays.

For every itemid that was returned by syncitems but not by getevents I requested it manually using getevents with a "selecttype" of "one". If the server returns no data, then I know the item has been deleted. Otherwise, it is an item that should have shown up but didn't. Then I compared the itemids returned by the getevents call to the ones returned by the syncitems call to see which items were returned by getevents that were not even mentioned in syncitems.

The results from the first call (the first 500 items) of the "test" account are as follows:

Deleted Items: 0
Items in SYNCITEMS but not GETEVENTS: 200
Items in GETEVENTS but not SYNCITEMS: 0
Total SYNCITEMS: 500
Total GETEVENTS: 300

Something isn't right. Shouldn't getevents return the same number of items as syncitems?

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