Jim Reverend (revjim) wrote in lj_dev,
Jim Reverend


I'm working on a syncitems client and am seeing a bit of odd behavior.

According to my userinfo page, I have 1,004 journal entries. But syncitems is giving me 1,043 unique items.

I tested it on another account with far less entries (8) and it works fine.

I also tested it with the "test" account. The userinfo page claims 1,358 entries, while syncitems returns 1,431. (Due to a bug in my XMLRPC libs that I have yet to hunt down, I am unable to retrieve all the entry id's for the test account to ensure that they are indeed 1,431 unique items being returned.

BTW- When I say "unique" I mean that the syncitems "item" values are unique. You know, the "L-1232343" value.

One thing that does seem to be correct is that the number of items syncitems claims there are in total is equal to the number of unique items I receive.

Perhaps the userinfo page is incorrect, only updated occasionally, or is not counting private or friends-only posts?

I haven't researched the data heavily, as 1,043 items is a lot to deal with.

Any ideas?

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