miaulement (miaulement) wrote in lj_dev,

'show email on profile' option unchecks itself

Hi, I'm having an odd problem which is irritating (though not amazingly important). I first posted this in /support, and I was advised to post it here instead, so here goes:

As a paid member I like to take advantage of the fact that I can show my livejournal email address on my user profile without showing my private email address. However, every time I go to /editinfo_do.bml the box next to 'Show your contact information on your LiveJournal?' is unchecked, even though I definitely had my email address displayed on my profile. If I don't recheck the box, then no email address is shown on my profile after I click 'save changes'.

I edit my profile often enough that this little bug is beginning to annoy me. Is there anything I can do to stop it happening? Thanks in advance.

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