BryanF (fehwalker) wrote in lj_dev,

Howdy, I've just spent a good portion of this past afternoon and evening setting up a LJ server from CVS on a couple of FreeBSD 4.4 boxes (web and db). Things went mostly smoothly, though I got bitten by "order of adding mod_mime_magic in the Apache config". My site is up and running, though not particularly configured yet, at, with a whopping two active users! :)

So, a couple of questions.

First, how do I promote users to different capability levels? I found most of the other admin stuff, but I can't seem to find a command/util that does that. I suppose if worse comes to worse I could just do it by a direct SQL query, but there must be some better way. I'm hoping this isn't something that got encapsulated in the ljcom portion of the code.

Second, anyone know of good resources for post-setup tricks and tips for lj sites? The setup docs were great, got me up and running fine, but now I need something more like operations reference docs. Obviously I'll keep an eye out here in lj_dev, but was wondering if there are any other places I should be checking out.

Thanks for the cool system, I'm looking forward to seeing what all it'll do.

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