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LJ Idea's - Friends Group - Multi Journals in one (One User Control)

The potential power of the Friends Group Option can be beneficial to both regular journalists & the very powerful for the community area. I have some suggestions that take full use of this feature, if it is possible to construct. I believe this will further LiveJournal uniqueness over any current journal site on the web.

Currently, the friend's option allows a user to create categories for the journal. It takes a three step process to form a category, change, or view to the current mode on the web-site. It seems to only give advantage to the user, but not to visitors of the user’s journal web-pages.

I. Give an option for the user to allow or not allow a link to those categories on their own page.

*** JoeAnthony.LiveJournal.Com has the basic outlook on what I mean (Bookshelf Section) -- Currently... I am the only one able to view the categories when logged in. All the categories/links defaults to the general friend’s view when access from others.

1. This makes it easier to access for the user... creates the wonderful lazy man approach (Always a winner)

2. This now allows viewers to select categories from my journal that may interest them. If I have a category that represents “Visual Arts”; They may want to view it. This can now lead the viewers to people of similar interest... promoting other journalists OR communities. It is much like leap-frog; this is actually implemented now... friends; but more in specifics than mass grouping.

--- Communities Advantages.---

I currently have CprogJournal in hibernation, or in creation mode to become a community (Forum). The link option gives me ability to add related categorized views for the patrons.

I want to make it catered to specifics... so some guidelines are there to keep order. Yet, a link to member's journal could be beneficial to add a general vibe.

A member could create a special category for CprogJournal on thier own page. A person may write entries dealing w/ a personal project dealing w/ C/C++ language in the mix... yet would not fit the community regular posting purpose or guidelines. It could be a nice extension for a friend’s category in CprogJournal.

This helps expand the journal to many more possibilities & creative benefits in the product.

The Options Access for allowing links on page...

--- This can be done from the personal info area or the original way of creating friends in a group. Then it is automatically set in the general bar area of the style pages based on the info given from the user. It works much like the web-site link, when left blank it does not show on the page, when marked... it is shown.

--- Give the user the ability to select which link is allowed for access from the viewer of their journal. If a user does not want a person the ability to access the link... have a specified marker to notify it is only for the users (logged in) access. If the user wants it open for view... leave it at the default appearance.

II. The Update Choices (Friends Group w/ Public, Private, & Friends Option)

1. Much like how Friend’s Group Page (Creating) appears... have a similar look on the full update.

2. When posting an entry, give the user the option on which group(s) he/she wants to be allowed to view. Check-mark the spot for selection...

--- If the person selects public... self explanatory, non category driven.
--- If the person selects public w/ check-marks - Can be seen by all that access user category (*Multi Idea* PT III)

--- If the person selects friend's w/ no checks - Then it defaults to all friends.
--- If the person selects friends w/ check-marks - Then to that specific group(s)

--- If the person selects private... self explanatory, non category driven.
--- If the person selects private... w/ check-marks - only user can see when looking at category.(*Multi Idea* PT III)

III. One User Multi-Journaling appearance from one Journal.

Currently, many patrons create separate accounts for specific related purposes. The option above can now take advantage of the person ability to organize their journal into specifics.

Right now I write only general thought inspired items in my entries. I refuse to write more technical or note-taking posts. I think that can overburden many friends with excessive entries on their own friend's view. It can create massive sifting for viewers or myself of the journal when looking for particular posts or threaded idea on recent entries.

I would enjoy having the ability to use one journal for many purposes & organize it for easier perusal. The first segment now gives me the ability to organize it to benefit this purpose & let’s friends to view what interest them about me.

How can this be achieved? (Using Segment one as the platform)

I can now create categories which list specifics of my own journal.

--- Links - “English Study Notes” - “My Daily Actions” - “LJ Angst” - “Another Day w/ the Band” - “My Political Essays” - “Programming Logs”

I will only list myself to these categories. Anytime I can choose which category an entry goes to; then it will sift non-related entries away when viewed. Thus... I have many journals in one. If a person is interest in viewing that category on their friend's view, then normal methods is used by listing them in the sub-group.

On the user-end... the user could then possibly see markings notifying which category it’s in from the recent page. All global entries (Public) can be seen by all on recent page... but specified categories can only be seen in the categorized friend page if one chooses to view it. (Base on the user's info given on access.)

*** Nasty lil Problem - That means LJ needs to know how to place an entry to a specific friend's category instead of globally to other categories w/ the main username on it. This is more of a problem on the user end than on the friends end. (The option to choose on who views an entry to is still there for the user) Somehow the username needs to be tagged in relation to the category of choice.

The mix of the multi-concept used in connection with the friend's group functioning could really expand possibilities to LJ journalists. Hopefully, this sparked your interest & can be achievable, maybe lead to more defined ideas.

Thanks for reading LJ-man.

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