Cryo (cryo) wrote in lj_dev,

Any progress on abuse posting formula thingy?

Yes, I forgot what the official name for it was called. I'm really getting annoyed at getting in my email:

hi i just came across ur livejournal.. and i was wondering if u could help me get a code because i have no idea how to do this but ireally want a livejournal!! ..thank you! email me at [deleted]

I understand that people are working on other interesting features, but my poor mailbox would be happy if people could just signup again. They come into #livejournal on warpednet and ask for codes, too.

I'm not ranting or anything, just wishing things could return to a state of normalcy (whatever that is).

I'd offer to help out in that area, but the voodoo of the pages I read about it, made the math-part of my brain implode.

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