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binary files from LJ cvs are checked out as text files ?

i tried to checkout the LJ source from the CVS repository at (, using TortoiseCVS (, which is an windoze exploder plugin cvs gui.

it looks as if binary files (e.g. mood icon gif files) are checked out as text files, cause they look pretty scrambled when they reach my disk ..

i assumed that my cvs plugin wasnt configured correctly and so i tried several other repositories - but there binary files were checked out correctly.

looking at the cvs entries files, i found out that the "-kb" (keyword expansion binary) was set on them.
on the cvs entries for the LJ binary files, this option seems not to be set.

however, when i access the LJ binary files using the webcvs interface, i can download them correctly (one by one ... yuk). so in the LJ repository the binary files are ok, i just cant check them out correctly.

to me it looks as if the repository contains the binary files correctly, but somehow has "forgotten" that they are binary files, so that they are checked out as text files ???

is my theory complete bullshit ?

any clue what im doing wrong ?


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