dormando (dormando) wrote in lj_dev,

What's up, what's moving and what's not.

What's up?

ehh.. docs.

What's moving?


What's not?

docs! :)

Why not?

Mostly, because I haven't added new docs in a few days (various excuses, mostly useless.)

halkeye and chrisg submitted a bunch of LJDEP stuff a week or so ago. xb95 and SCSi submitted some additions to my internals doc... tribelessnomad has been helping kick ass in other doc areas. Brad has been shoveling out the good stuff...

but uh, not in recent days? It's never consistent, either.

We won't be adding any major features until the documentation is finished. This is definite.

Also, since some people asked:
IRC crap.
#lj_dev on
if you're a dev, waste some time there. I'm usually there, and can probably force a few others to sit around as well. I won't answer tech support questions, however. There is a tech support section on the website for all of that stuff. I hear it's pretty nice, too.
If I see that you are capable of something, I will probably sit and swear at you until you do something. Be forewarned :)

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