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quirk/bug in bml?

i wasn't able to find a community dedicated to bml development, and this is the closest i could come, so i apologize for this not being related directly to lj development. i figured there were probably more bml-knowledgeable people here than anywhere else (brad especially).

i created a quick-n-dirty random quote generator using the 'fortune' program. the problem is, when i reload the page it should generate a new fortune/quote, and it doesn't. i know this is an issue with bml, because when i do the same thing in straight perl, it works fine. any idea why this might be?

if it matters, the bml code block is:

     $quote = `/usr/games/fortune -n 200 s`;
     return $quote;

any ideas why it might be "caching" the output of fortune and not regenerating like it should?

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