Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Can we hack again?

Remember the days when people like alanj, avva, dormando, evan, halkeye, mart, revjim, and tribelessnomad sent in tons of patches all the time?

Yeah, those were the days. I think everybody's either dead, busy, or back in school now.

Could the people the are back in school start hacking again when you get adjusted to your schedules?

Mart I'd really like that core.s2 file sometime.

Evan, win32 client? :-)

Halkeye, ljdep?

Tribelessnomad, docbook docbook docbook..... I'll be your bitch. Tell me what raw content you want and I'll make it or get it made. Then you XSLT its ass into DocBook and let's get a real manual finally.

Avva, I know work is kicking your ass, but the utf-8 research would be nice. And we need your help making the whole site translatable and such. I could go ahead with this as I did on freevote but I'd prefer your input along the way... you're the dude that speaks 3 languages fluently.

Revjim, XML-RPC shizzat? Documentation for the existing interface would be nice ... I guess I could start that, then you can add more xml-rpc methods.

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